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2.) NAIH-83952/2015. szállásközvetítés (ajánlat és foglalás). Szállásajánlatok kérése és kü rendszeren keresztül és e-mail/telefon útján, elfogadott ajánlatokra szállásfoglalás és visszaigazolás

3. NAIH-83953/2015. nyereményjáték és sorsolás. Nyereményjáték

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On our website we demonstrate Hungary’s different places and would like to arouse your interest in our multi-coloured country. You can find out where to go, where to stay and what to see in Hungary, and all these pieces of information are at one place! We live in Hungary, so we have personally experienced with the hotels which we are in connection with. All of these hotels and pensions have their own style and each is a popular place in its category and surroundings. If you cannot find the best accommodation in our database which meets your requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will look for the most adequate (according to your personal demand) one(s) for you.
If you have already decided where you would like to spend your time in Hungary, we draw the sights, tourist information and programs of the different towns, sub-regions and regions to your attention. (The opening hours are referential!)
Book your accommodation through, it’s easier than ever.
You should only look at our offers and if you have chosen the proper place, you must fill in the reservation form on the website with you personal data and – if there are any available room(s) – we send you the confirmation letter in 1 hour or in urgent cases within 10 min. (online).


  • You can save time and money without searching many other sites, you should just notify your intent and we are ready to inform you about all of the hotels – which can be found on our website - , reserve your accommodation and you can turn to our colleagues also after the booking procedure.
  • The hotels’ rates and the special offers which are indicated on our website are the same – or even cheaper than the prices of the hotels’ own rates, so we do not charge it with commission. We guarantee the price included in the confirmation letter.
  • You are asked to pay on the spot, but we kindly request pre-payment in case of holiday-period or booking for larger groups.
  • There are no hidden charges, no tips, no extra cost! You pay the quoted rates of the confirmation letter.
  • You can obtain useful information not only on our website but also on our forum, where you can read remarks of our colleagues, visitors and guests.

Our office is open between 9am-20 pm(CET), only on weekdays.
Please feel free to contact us :
or on our cell number: +36-20-20-48008 or via e-mail: We take additional care of our guests’ requests, so please let us know if you need any information (or you have recommendation) about sights, programs or accommodation in Hungary.
We wish you a pleasant stay in our country!
Best wishes,
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