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8230 Balatonfured, Huray utca 4 Térkép
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restaurants, cafes, museums, beaches and world famous Tagore promenade is nearby. The rooms have cable TV, refrigerator, equipped with air conditioning, most of them with balcony. We provide towels for every guest. Room rates include buffet breakfast, parking and wi-fi access throughout the guesthouse.
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Standard Room

2 person
Nem található szoba leírás.


2 person
Nem található szoba leírás.
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Tourism tax

Tourism tax payable above age 18, rate: 530 Ft/ Person / night

accepted payments

Accommodation does not accept any cards.

sights arround (30 km)
Dory-Holiday Balatonfured Historic monument 0.1 km fare
Villa Vaszary Balatonfured Museum 0.1 km fare
Jókai Memorial Museum Balatonfured 0.1 km fare
usefull info
Balatonfüredi Station Balatonfured Station 0.6 km fare
Bus Station Balatonfüred Balatonfured Station 0.7 km fare
gastronomy (10 km)
Beach Bar Balatonfured Restaurant 0.6 km fare
Shingle Tavern Balatonudvari Restaurant 9.1 km fare
Podmaniczky Winery Balatonfoldvar Wine-cellar 9.9 km fare
Villa Medici Restaurant Veszprem Restaurant 12.2 km fare
sights Balatonfured and Surroundings »
events Balatonfured and Surroundings (30 km)
Cseles Kelepce exit game 14.5 km fare 2019-01-01 - 2022-12-31
Mindszentkalla 30.3 km fare 2020-09-26 - 2020-09-26
Balatonlelle 22.4 km fare 2020-10-24 - 2020-10-24
Balatonfured actual event
Reformkori bál Balatonfured 113.6 km fare 2020-09-26 - 2020-09-26
Túrajó séták - FÜREDI FLÓDNI Balatonfured 0.2 km fare 2020-10-17 - 2020-10-17
A füredi rabbi – Zsidó Kiválóságok Háza belépővel Balatonfured 113.6 km fare 2020-11-14 - 2020-11-14
Balatonfured and Surroundings actual event »

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