Atlantic Hotel, Budapest Atlantic Hotel  3 stars hotel

H-1081 Budapest, Népszínház utca 55. Térkép
Szálláshely +36-1/219 07 78
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Budapests city center, close to the East Railway Station, located at the Atlantic Hotel. It has excellent transport facilities in any point of the city easily and quickly.
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sights arround (30 km)
Illárium Art Gallery Budapest Museum 0.2 km fare
Joseph Ernyey History Of Pharmacy Library Budapest Museum 0.2 km fare
Professional Funeral Museum (Museum Of Funeral) Budapest Museum 0.3 km fare
gastronomy (10 km)
Water Bottle Restaurant Budapest Restaurant 1.1 km fare
Orpheum Club Budapest Café, confectioner's shop 1.4 km fare
Mester Restaurant And Palinka House Budapest Restaurant 1.5 km fare
Reform Of Millet Kitchen Budapest Restaurant 1.6 km fare
Robinson Restaurant Budapest Restaurant 1.9 km fare
Trophy Grill Restaurant Budapest Restaurant 2.9 km fare
Bavarian Brewery Budapest Restaurant 3 km fare
Carne Di Hall Restaurant Budapest Restaurant 3.7 km fare
Confectionery Auguszt Budapest Café, confectioner's shop 5.1 km fare
Pergola Restaurant Budapest Restaurant 6.6 km fare
sights Budapest and Surroundings »
events Budapest and Surroundings (30 km)
Honeybeast Reggeli napfény turné Miskolc 1.3 km fare 2021-04-17 - 2021-04-17
HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS - 2021 Budapest 2.5 km fare 2021-05-24 - 2021-05-24
Budapest Boat Show Budapest 4.6 km fare 2021-02-25 - 2021-02-28
Budapest actual event
Sightseeing with Budapestrolling in Segway Style Budapest 2.3 km fare 2018-04-26 - 2022-11-30
Mobil nyomozós, városfelfedező játék a budai Várban Budapest 4.2 km fare 2020-10-01 - 2023-10-31
Under Arrested Budapest 6.2 km fare 2020-10-10 - 2021-04-10
Budapest and Surroundings actual event »

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